Tyre Labelling Explained

From 1st November 2012 it is a legal requirement that new car tyres must be labelled to give you a more informed choice when buying your new tyres. 

The label will display three performance characteristics of a tyre: 

  • Fuel Efficiency
  • Wet Grip
  • Exterior Noise Emissions

Excluded from the scope of the regulation are:

• Re-treaded tyres

• Off-road professional tyres

• Tyres designed to be fitted only to vehicles registered for the first time before 1 October 1990.

• T-type temporary-use spare tyres

• Tyres whose speed rating is less than 80 km/h.

• Tyres whose nominal rim diameter does not exceed 254 mm or is 635 mm or more.

• Tyres fitted with additional devices to improve traction properties, such as studded tyres.

• Tyres designed only to be fitted on vehicles intended exclusively for racing